Costumes and Props

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For the detailed Costumes and Props list by scene, download the PDFpdf_icon.

Below is a short proposed list to give a producer a general idea of props and costumes needed. Unless otherwise noted, characters need to change where noted and are in generally casual, summer wear with sandals, sneakers and bathing suits. They have weekend bags, over the shoulder sacks or wheelie bags en route to and from share house.

Randall: Preppy with light colors with modern phone and cover

Timothy: Ultra conservative with darker colors

Antonio: Ultra fashionable, loud, exciting tight and skimpy

Donnie: Old Fire Island T-Shirts, worn out clothes and sarongs

Jake: Well-dressed summer wear like Bermuda shorts

Max: Max can be made with the simple purchase of a blow up doll or you can create an elaborate life size figure from stuffed nylon or the like. You can also use a mannequin. We suggest attaching some small wheels on his feet to simulate some movement in a few scenes. Max needs a bathing suit, shoes and possible tank top at most.

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