Group Tickets

  • Charity Night
    • Bring 20+ in a group; we donate 10% of ticket purchase to charity or group of your choice
    • Contact us for details about booking your Charity Night –
  • 12-Pack
    • Save $60 on 12 tickets; we donate $100 to charity or group of your choice
    • All your friends together: 6 Front Row & 6 Second Row Tickets
    • $750 (Regularly $810) + includes 12 T-shirts
  • Buy Out the House
    • Buy an entire night for a VERY reduced price. Plan your fundraiser around Little House on the Ferry and your organization / charity could make serious money – up to $2000!
    • Your group name will appear in a special program insert.
    • Walk on role for one person from your organization

Email or call
646-342-7738 to get your group tickets and for payment. Contact us soon. Tickets are selling fast and you want to be able to pick your top choice!