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Time Out Theater Pick of the Week – Off Broadway Performances – “Little House on the Ferry,”
the Fire Island Musical, Returns, Revised & Improved

South – Gay Themed “Little House on the Ferry” musical at Broward Center

guy magazine – The “Little House” that Rob Gould Built

Hot Spots! – Off Broadway Musical “Little House on the Ferry” Comes to South Florida

Advocate Magazine’s Hot Sheet Features:
Little House on the Ferry! (See Page 3.)

Edge Magazine feature interviews

‘Little House- on the Ferry opens tonight with will clark cameo’ (Will Clark World)


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This sounds absolutely hysterical…”
– Alison Arngrim (‘Nellie Oleson’ from the original series Little House On The Praire)

…I have to tell you, I am just digging the song! No BS, it’s in my ipod and I’ve been jamming it!”
– Robert Graham, GAYPON, LLC

… a major musical about Fire Island… co-writer/producer Robert Gould has given us ‘Little House on the Ferry’…”
– NEXT Magazine

Little House on the Ferry’…I’m loving it…I look forward to seeing the show!”
– DJ Randy Bettis, Billboard Panel Member

Lighthearted and Entertaining”
– Poz Magazine

I really, genuinely enjoyed ‘Little House on the Ferry’… The acting is of a pretty high quality…much to praise here. The music is surprisingly… excellent… a Motown House jam… being sung by deer, brought down the house.”
– Steve Weinstein, Editor in Chief

… fantastic off-Broadway spectacular! Good music, lots of laughs and great casting!”
– Check out pages 40-42 of Just Circuit Magazine (November/December 2011)

With a cast of beautiful young men showing their assets to advantage… an absolute delight… superb choreography… original songs…you, leave the theater humming the tunes.”
– (

…gay musical romp set among hot flamers on Fire Island.”
– TimeOut New York Critics’ Pick of the Week

The show looks fun and god knows I have that damn song stuck in my head now!”
– Ty Kuppig, editor The SHOWT For The Gay Sophisticate

…Little House on the Ferry looks great!”
– Alexandra Perakis, THEATERMANIA

…sounds like a great experience for our members.”
– Michelle Hayden, The Daily Hookup

This actually looks pretty hilarious…”
– Jonathyn Pankratz, MTV Networks

“One of the Circuit’s favorite summer destinations has been transformed (clap-clap) into a fantastic off-Broadway spectacular! Good music, lots of laughs and great casting!”

– Shane Rogers, JustCircuit