Script Little House on the Ferry

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Book by Robert Gould

Music by Robert Gould & Robert Arbelo

Special Contributor: Rob Lester, Dramaturge


Randall: Turning 30, Romantic, Office Worker
Timothy: 40’ish-year-old Workaholic, Lawyer, Randall’s Boyfriend
Antonio: 25-year-old Weekend Guest, Newbie, from San Antonio, Latin Accent
Donnie: 50’ish-year-old House Owner who mothers the ‘Share-Mates’
Jake: 35-year-old Blogger and Political Activist; also new to Fire Island

Greek Chorus: Morphing Roles; >>Role<< indicates their form; they are referred to as:“One,” “Two,” or “Three” that denote their personalities whether theyappear as Seagulls, Fish, Deer, Conductors, Spa Attendants, etc.)

• “One” Matter-of-fact, Informational, Dry
• “Two” Cheerful, Optimistic, Patient
• “Three” Sassy, Flamboyant, CampAnnouncer: MP3s provided or use 9th Actor / Walk-On Guest / Drag Queen Host’ess

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