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Little House on the Ferry Offers Stock Options, Develops Collaborative Team


Announcing the new off-Broadway show Little House on the Ferry, a modern gay love story set in the legendary summer resort Fire Island, New York. Eleven original songs, spectacular costumes, and cameos by members of New York City’s notorious LGBT community. Also featuring, in his first ever musical theater appearance, COLTON FORD.


Little House on the Ferry is, at its club beating heart, a love story. The show follows a group of friends in a share house one early summer weekend. At the center of our tale is Randall, who is looking to take his relationship with his older boyfriend Timothy to the next level. Joining them at the house is Donnie, the doting and wise House Mom, the ever-popular Max the muscle boy, and their wide-eyed house guest Antonio. When one of Randall’s old flames, Jake, turns up at Tea (happy hour), hilarity and drama ensues for everyone. In the world of passionate affairs and meat racks, pain and vanity, what does it mean to be in love? Between Tea and sunrise, we might just find out with our Little House on the Ferry.


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