Fire Island is a coastal barrier island off the south coast of Long Island New York, east of New York City. It is comprised of 15 towns, national seashore parks and bird refuges all accessible by different ferry services. The island is almost empty in the winter and springs forth every year for summer weekend getaways of mainly New Yorkers looking to avoid the heat and reach the beach. People customarily rent out homes for summer weekends where friends and strangers often come together. People often communally rent a house for a series of weekends where everyone lives and cooks together in a ‘share’ house. Each town has its own separate rules, governments and attracts a different group of beach-goers with 2 being primarily gay; Cherry Grove and The Pines. The Pines was built in the 1960’s and is much newer than the Grove, as well as the other 13 towns, with larger houses, swimming pools and a gorgeous harbor with yachts.  It is an expensive, gay resort.

Vocabulary Guide for those uninitiated with Fire Island

½ Share: Renting a bed or room in a summer share every other weekend for approximately 10 weekends in a summer.

¼ Share: Renting a bed or room in a summer share once a month for approximately 5 times a summer

Blue Whale: The bar / restaurant which is home to low tea in Fire Island Pines.

B-Side: The second cycle of weekends of a summer share usually consisting of alternate weekend dates

Bottom: The passive half or the ‘receiver’ during a session of gay sex between two men (see top below)

Co-op: The apartment complex of Fire Island located near town (see town below).

Ex: a)   Slang term for Ex-Boyfriend
b)    Shorthand term for Ecstasy; a hallucinogenic drug that can induce dream like sequences

Grindr: A Smart Phone Application for gay men to meet and hook up

Grove, The Cherry Grove: The neighboring town of Fire Island Pines

Gun-Oil: A brand name for a sexual lubricant

Meat Rack: The sand dunes between the two towns of the Pines and Cherry Grove, that many men go to have public and often anonymous sex.

Pantry: The local market and general store of Fire Island Pines located in town

Pavilion: The name of the disco / dance hall in Fire Island pines

Planter’s Punch: A strong alcoholic drink made from 3 ounces dark rum, 1 ounce lime juice, 1/2 ounce lemon juice, 1/2 ounce grenadine, 1/4 teaspoon superfine sugar

Share: A summer resort house or a room itself in which different people rent weekend packages in a sharing of common area and utilities.

Sip ‘N Twirl: Name of a bar in Pines Fire Island

Tea: Happy hour usually consisting of gay men and takes place in the late afternoon or early evening on weekends

Town: The central village area of Fire Island Pines where the ferry arrives in the harbor along with stores and dance hall

Top: The active half or the ‘penetrator’ during a session of gay sex between two men (see bottom above)

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