8 Main Actors – 5 Men +
3 Greek Chorus members
that can be played by 1-3 Men or Women
9th or 10th Optional Additional Actors may be
Announcer, Drag Queens or Walk On Rolls as desired.

Greek Chorus:Women or Men Portray Morphing Roles; “One,” “Two,” or “Three” denotes their personalities in their >>Role<<; whether they appear as Conductors, Bartenders, Spa Attendants, Seagulls, Fish, Deer, etc.

Randall: Turning 30, Romantic, Office Worker. Randall is into social causes and specifically Marriage Equality. He ultimately wants to be married and settled down. Originally from Buffalo and working in an office, deep down he has an artistic side.

Timothy: 40-ish-year-old Workaholic, Tax Lawyer, Randall’s Boyfriend. Timothy is smart and obsessed with his looks. He loves partying all night and the sexual escapades the Pines offers, unless work calls first.

Antonio: 23-year-old Weekend Guest, first time visitor to Fire Island from San Antonio Antonio has a Latino Accent. He is muscle boy and clothing crazy while often confused.

Jake: 35-year-old Blogger and Political Activist; also new to Fire Island. Jake is good looking with a Midwestern accent. Jake loves social causes and righting the wrong in society.

Donnie: 53-year-old House ‘Owner’, who mothers the ‘Share-Mates’. Donnie is Italian- American. He is camp. He loves the Pines. Donnie is a recent ‘widower’.

Max – Blow Up Doll Plays Himself

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