$20,000 Stipend Offer for You to Produce Off-Broadway Musical Comedy

(Off Broadway Musical As Seen on Theality TV with Host Michael Musto )
2 Act LGBTQ Musical Comedy about Marriage Equality, Love & Commitment


Writer of Little House on the Ferry will reimburse your Theater Production Company
for actors, tech staff, theater costs, etc. in return for % of Box Office; Event Receipts

*$20K Stipend – 

  • Your Theater Company must be a legally registered as a state entity (e.g LLC or
    401(C.)(3), etc.) with at least 2 years of local, theater, production history. 
  • LHOF will pay for reimbursement of actors, director, musical director,
    choreographer and tech staff fees as well as theater rental costs up to $20k. 
  • LHOF will be reimbursed a percent of Box Office + any food beverage or bar
    profits as follows – 100% of the first $10k, 70% of income $10k-$15k and 50% of
    all income over $15k up to $20K then 25% of additional Box Office + Event
  • Your organization is NOT responsible if Box Office Receipts fail to earn enough
    to reimburse the first $10k. Your organization must supply an accounting of
    expenses that may be audited by an LHOF accountant.
  • This commitment will include 6 tickets to any production night.
  • A Contract for the above terms is available on request.

Little House on the Ferry – Overview
     – 2 Acts 1:50 Hour run-time with Optional Intermission
     – 16 Original Songs – Piano Music or Pre-Recorded versions on request
     – 8+ Actors –
            o 3 Women/Men/Gender Fluid Roles (Greek Chorus) 
            o 5 Men + 
            o 1 Optional Drag Queen or 9th Special Performer or Local Guest Star
     – Optional 3+ swing extra roles / stagehands
     – Dancing scenes in 1-5 Scenes (Optional)
     – Costumes and banners can be borrowed/supplied that help with sets
     – Graphics, Logos and lay-out for GayBill Program and Social Media Promotion
       available as part of this package

Contact Rob Gould E-mail: ftlrobby@gmail.com

or call 646.342.7738 for more information

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