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Synopsis:  Randall’s 30th birthday turns into a weekend of change when marriage equality becomes law in New York State and he is caught in a love triangle. One choice is Timothy, the New York tax lawyer and Randall’s lover of four years, who issurprised when the law passes and is reluctant to change. On the other side is ‘love at first sight’ Jake, a political activist who is ready to invite Randall back to his native Kansas. Randall copes with help from his work friend Antonio, the Fire Island virgin / boy crazy newbie, and Donnie, the veteran house “Mom”. Max, the “Steroid Queen”, gets in a few words.

Music: 16 songs, 10 reprises – each original song a different genre.

Time / Setting: The show opens in Penn Station Friday June 24, 2011, the eve of the New York vote on Gay marriage. It unfolds over a weekend of sun, sand & Planter’s Punches.

Run Time –1 hour 40 Minutes without an Intermission


Greek Chorus: Three actresses or actors. Morphing Roles;  that denote their personalities whether they appear as Seagulls, Fish, Deer, Conductors, Spa Attendants, etc.)

Randall: Turning 30, Romantic, Office Worker
Timothy: 40’ish-year-old Workaholic, Lawyer, Randall’s Boyfriend
Antonio: 25-year-old Weekend Guest, Newbie, from San Antonio, Latin Accent
Donnie: 50’ish-year-old House Owner who mothers the ‘Share-Mates’
Jake: 35-year-old Blogger and Political Activist; also new to Fire Island

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From Febuary 15th 2020 Production

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